Brutal Attack - Tales Of Glory (Final edition)

Here do we have a new edition or to quote Ken “The final edition” of the milestone album Tales of glory. Improved sound and a brand-new layout and two songs added which was supposed to be on it from the beginning but was removed from the album in the last minute and put on a compilation album.

We know that this album is a special album for Jocke.K so we asked him if he could write a presentation of the new edition which he gladly did.

"Now I have listened through both regular speakers and headphones and can only state that there are "remasterings" and then there are "REMASTERINGS ".

This album was released in 1989, but has already an insanely good sound, so do a remastering of something that's already complete would be completely unnecessary in my opinion.Until I sat down and listened ..

It's not only a bigger and fuller sound now, there are also levels of both instruments and vocals that give the album a crystal clear sound.

The lyrics come out more clearly, and you can, for example, hear guitar toppings that were missing on the original mastering.

Some albums from that time would really need to be adjusted a bit, but not Tales of glory.

I had no expectations at all before I listened, because why repair something that is not even broken?

But damn what a facelift the album got, which matches the new cover design, as the original is one of the ugliest RAC covers ever released"

1. Tales of Glory

2. While the flame burns

3. Under the hammer

4. Ocean of warriors

5. Light the fire

6. England

7. Raise the fist

8. Free the spirit

9. Lightning strikes

10. Follow me (The warrior awaits)

11. Fight back for Europe

12. The blood is strong

13. The hungry and the hunted

14. Gods of war

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