Skrewdriver - Boots and braces / Voice of Britain

Little mixed up CD which comes from various Lp-records, singles, maxi-singles and compilations records. All now on a cult classed CD!

Alot of classic songs from the time where Skrewdriverwhere transformed from a punkband to the voice of white youth. And as most Ian Stuart records this one is a must in each patriots record collection.....

1. Back With A Bang

2. I Don't Like You

3. Built Up Knocked Down (1979)

4. A Case Of Pride

5. Breakout

6. Tearing Down The Walls

7. Boots And Braces

8. Antisocial

9. White Power

10. Smash The I.R.A.

11. Shove The Dove

12. Sick Society

13. Voice Of Britain

14. On The Streets 

15. Invasion

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