14 Sacred Words ‎– Not Alone (US version)

Uncompromising US death core! This is the highly anticipated full length release and musically one of the best releases of the genre offering competition from the US to the long running German scene bands like Mortuary, Painful Life, Mass Destruction etc. Full 8 page booklet. 14 tracks total

Country: USA & Canada

Released: 2017

Genre: Rock

Style: Hard Rock, Metalcore

1. A Declaration Of War 

2. Hate Me 

3. Break The Silence

4. I, Racist 

5. The Devil Wears Our Face 

6. Unbreakable 

7. Not Alone 

8. To The Fields Of Elysium 

9. For The Fallen (Instrumental) 

10. The Monster You Made Me 

11. Victim Wars 

12. Back Home 

13. White Lives Matter 

14. This Can't Last Forever

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