Pluton svea - 88% Unplugged

This is the 2016 repress.


Pluton Svea hereby present some old classic Pluton Svea hits from the good 'old days in a new shape. Mostly, about 88%, in acustic versions. The electrical instruments that's been used were some keyboard etc. But in general this is an acustic record and therefor have a more calm and easy going sound then we are used to.

1. Nu drar SA ut
2. Genom Kamp Till Seger
3. Vi Står Troget Kvar
4. Freedom Song
5. Den Nya Ordningen
6. Svea
7. Nordmän
8. Segregation
9. Stormvarning
10. Väpnad Kamp
11. Drömmen Om Frihet
12. Germania
13. Solen Går Upp
14. Frihet Och Rätt
15. Stöveltramp
16. One Way
17. Öga För Öga
18. Dagen Kommer
19. Cross Of Fire


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