Pluton Svea - Stöveltrampen ekar igen

Their comeback album!

This release marked Pluton Sveas comeback on the Swedish rock for freedom scene. The best and legal songs from their first records here in a new remake. Together with a bunch of newly composed songs this album became a natural Back with a bang-record that the band needed after a break that lasted a couple of years.


1. Solen Går Upp
2. Öga För öga
3. Stöveltramp
4. R.A.C.
5. Nordmän
6. Genom Kamp Till Seger
7. Cross of Fire
8. Nu Drar SA Ut
9. Du Gamla, Du Sjuka
10. En för Alla - Alla för En
11. Den Nya Ordiningen
12. Sweden Arise


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