Svastika - 1991 - 1996

 Svastika in a quick fashion became the tip of the sword against the Swedish government with their revolutionary message. They only recorded one album during their career, In Hoc Signo Vinces, but were appearing on various different compilation albums and played live with great success across the entire European continent. Buy this they made their mark in the history of rock for whites.

This album is a collection of their studio productions and includes pretty much all that they've produced.

A must have for all the Svastika fans!

1. Brutna bojor
2. In this name
3. Rikets kall
4. Sången om Goliat
5. Sverige vakna!
6. De stupades blod
7. Unity
8. Racewar
9. Streetfight
10. Runes of power
11. Frihetskamp
12. Hell seger
13. Aryan pride
14. 88
15. Kick to kill
16. Day of the rope
17. Spandau hero
18. Alliance
19. Showdown
20. Ni kan aldrig stoppa oss (live)


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