Ostfront - Verloren im Geist der Zeit

With their fourth studio album, the Thuringians are back. 10 new songs, sometimes fast, sometimes a little calmer, but always with a lot of melody and absolute devotion. The topic is current abuses in this country, our soldiers or so-called “pseudo-luxury”. The graphic design is also impressive and so you get all the texts to read in the 12-page booklet, which are accompanied by suitable photos.

1. Multikulti, Totentanz

2. Frisch Auf Kameraden

3. Machtergreifung Durch Pandemie

4. Ich Bin Schon Lange Fort

5. Des Lebens Hürden

6. Dbs, dRs

7. Du Bist Nicht Gegangen

8. Wo Soll Das Noch Hinführen

9. Pseudoluxus

10. Scheideweg

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