Macht & Ehre – Noch Schlägt Das Herz

There he is again, Jones of Macht & Ehre. This time has he brought the comrades from F.i.e.L. on board as musical support, which I think you can also hear. Musically it gets a little darker, but that doesn't detract from the whole thing, since Jones' brutal voice fits perfectly into the instrumental. Songs like " chaos in der Welt“, „Viel Feind, viel Ehr“ or „Zukunft ohne Rom“ are catchy and know how to convince. Wiesel and Uwocaust were brought into the studio as guest singers, who give the whole thing their own touch. The perfectly designed 12-page booklet with all the texts gives the whole thing its finishing touch. Macht & Ehre "Fans" will hit it one way or the other, the rest can tear their mouths apart, as always ;-) 10 new songs with a total playing time of 40 minutes. Quote: label

01. Hoch Schlägt Das Herz 

02. Die Flamme 

03. Zukunft Ohne Rom 

04. Linker Blockwart 

05. Wir Sind Dabei 

06. Gejagt In Trümmern 

07. Kolonne Im Chor 

08. Noch Einmal 

09. Messen, Fressen und Vergessen 

10. Justiz Im Vollkommenen Europa 

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