Nordglanz - Verdorrte Dornen stechen noch Mediabook

In addition to the normal version, there is also a media book limited to 444 copies with the current CD + a DVD, which contains a live concert in Ukraine. The whole thing comes with a 24-page booklet, is hand-numbered and shrink-wrapped

Here is the long-awaited full album from the black metal band from the German Empire. The album title “Withered thorns still sting” says it all, because both lyrically and musically this album pierces deeply into the flesh of the enemy of the people. During the 57-minute playing time, you can once again hear Njord and his men playing instruments such as violin, double bass and piano. Of course, there is no deviation from their well-known black metal. Graphically, the whole thing is designed absolutely brilliantly and so you get to see a successful supplement on twenty pages.

1. Weltparasit

2. Barbarossa

3. Raureifnacht

4. Aufstand Der Sodoms Äfflinge

5. Verdorrte Dornen

6. Die Zeit Der Alten Eichen

7. Mons Jovis

8. Zeit Der Entbehrung

9. Glänzende Winter

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