Sweden - the lost paradise - Tommy Ulmnäs

The author of this book, Tommy Ulmnäs, a lawyer with extensive experience in the public sector in Sweden, has for fifty years studied how left-wing politicians and so-called liberals with a diabolical precision, continuously and deliberately have worked down to the smallest detail to tear apart the country of Sweden, which after the Second World War was considered one of the best countries in the world.

Many nations carried out fact-finding missions to Sweden to see firsthand what a fantastic nation Sweden was.

During the following 50 years, Sweden changed to become a country in chaos, characterized by murders in the open street once a day, mainly carried out by people immigrating to Sweden from other continents and cultures.

The formerly world-famous Swedish school is now run to the bottom and quasi-academics are now being graduated, because otherwise the universities will not receive any money for continued teachings. The universities are now only paid per graduated student.

The only credibility for our neutrality in case of war, our previously strong defense, is now basically completely defunct. Some vague attempts are now being made to rebuild a minimal copy. Large parts of the country's infrastructure are destroyed with closed railways, airfields, and abysmal country roads. Sweden's emergency stocks are scrapped.

All fuels are so heavily taxed that all residents outside the big cities are succumbing. People can no longer get to work with their own car.

Sweden is extremely vulnerable today! Almost all operations are centralized and controlled from a few locations in the country; large scale has long been the solution to everything!

Swedes no longer feel any faith in the future in Sweden!

The Swedish paradise has been meticulously torn apart by clueless, irresponsible, and malicious politicians who are regarded by the author as traitors!

The Portuguese Nobel laureate in literature, José Saramagos, said in his speech of thanks in the concert hall in Stockholm in 1998:

"The generation that does not have a firm anchoring in its country's history, traditions, and culture has no future whatsoever"!

Sweden's parliament politicians have for 50 years done everything to destroy everything that was considered Swedish with known results! They have no anchoring in anything, they do not know what decisions to make, with chaos as a result!

Sweden has been lost for too long and future generations will have a very hard job trying to recreate a nation worthy of the name!

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