Biology of the Race Problem - WC George. Ph. D.

Denna bok är skriven av en professor i historia och embryologi, som tidigare var chef över "Department of Anatomy, Univeristy of North Carolina Medical School".

Denna bok är ett resultat av hans forskning i det rasbiologiska ämnet.

Boken är på 80 sidor och på engelska.


I. Are All Babies Approximately Uniform And Equal When They Are Born

II. The Mechanism Of Heredity

III. Are There Fundamental Differences Between

A. Non-morphological Racial Differences

B. Intelligence Tests

C. Race and Crime

IV. Physical Bases For Intellectual And Behavioral Differences

V. Genetics, Behavior And Breed Differences In Animals

A. The Findings of Stockard and Associates

B. Relation of Morphology to Behavior Traits in Different Breeds of Dogs

C. Physical and Behavioral Disharmonies

D. Corroboration by Others

VI. Inheritance Of Intelligence And Behavior In Man

A. The Genetics of Genius

B. The Genetics of Crime

C. The Genetics of Mental Abnormality

D. Other Witnesses to the Hereditary Basis for Intelligence and Behavior

VII. Are Racial Differences Hereditary?

A. The Origin of Racial Differences

VIII. Should We Promote Racial Amalgamation?

A. The Historical Record of the

B. The “Historical Accident” Explanation

C. The “Hot Climate” Explanation

D. Heredity vs. Environment in

IX. A Guide To Social Justice And National Greatness

X. The Influence Of Franz Boas

80 pages in English


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