Pluton Svea - Lucky 88

This disc is also available in a damn special digi-pack. This is the standard edition.

During the roughly 10 years we've had Midgård, we've received many questions over the years about various bands. However, there is a certain question that has run like a red thread throughout the years, and that we have actually been asked more times than any other: When will Pluton Svea release something new?

Finally, we can give you all a positive answer to that question: NOW ARE PLUTON SVEA RELEASING NEW!

Here comes number three!

In our opinion, clearly the best. A little rocking, a little crazier, and a little more musical finesse. If there's any record you want, it's this one!

01 Väpnad kamp

02 Drömmen om frihet

03 Freedom song

04 Den evige

05 Öga för öga

06 Sverige åter

07 I natt jag drömde

08 Wiking

09 Alonzo

10 Över gravar framåt

11 White revolution

# Midgård

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