Jocke Karlsson - Here we go again

Finally re-pressed!

Jocke that´s usually the front man in Pluton Svea and Pitbullfarm, here he is on his own with his solo album. He truly shows what a musician he is when he is playing all(!) the instruments by himself.



Lyrics both in English and Swedish. Full blown rock is a promise and atleast as goos as Pluton Svea... Maybe a bit more rough and dirty, a bit faster...



Hold on when Jocke is in the drivers seat!



1. Here We Go Again
2. Fosterland
3. Nationalism
4. Förrädare
5. The Time Is Now
6. Alonzo
7. Iron Guard
8. I Natt Jag Drömde
9. Herald Norseman
10. Än Finns Det Hopp
11. White Revolution



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