Pluton Svea - Rocket 88

This disc is also available in a damn special digi-pack. This is the standard edition.

During the roughly 10 years we've had Midgård, we've received many questions over the years about various bands. However, there is a certain question that has run like a red thread throughout the years, and that we have actually been asked more times than any other: When will Pluton Svea release something new?

Finally, we can give you all a positive answer to that question: NOW IS PLUTON SVEA RELEASING A NEW ALBUM!

Rocket 88, what is it then? Well, it's not only the name of one of the coolest Yankee cars in history, but also the name of Pluton Svea's album, the first of two celebrating the band's 30th anniversary.

- But why is it called that?

Well, here it is Rockabilly meets Pluton Svea that applies. All the old hits that you all love have been given PROPER runs. Everything is new! It's standing bass, it's fitting vocals, swinging skirts, steel comb and crazy pianos. We promise you've never heard anything like it.

Delivered as it should be with the booklet with all the texts, in an extreme sense of nostalgia. Dream back to the time when the whole world didn't smell like piss and corrupt politicians and various scumbags replaced each other. Let's fucking rock!

Also, don't miss the sequel Super 88, which is coming soon!

1 Fosterland (Jocke Karlsson)

2 Förrädare (Jocke Karlsson)

3 Segregation

4 Vi står troget kvar

5 Frihet & rätt

6 Nordmän

7 One way (to Valhalla)

8 Dömda att dö

9 Solen går upp

10 Nu drar S ut

11 Stöveltramp

12 Dagen kommer

# Midgård

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