Pluton Svea - Best of the Best

Far out in a dark forest, one day, there was a boy on a treasure hunt.

Suddenly, he saw a light in the sky. The boy felt the old aesir presence and followed the shimmering light.
He walked through a glade and over a bog when he suddenly saw an abandoned croft further away.
The light shone up the old croft and the boy walked in. In the attic, there was an old chest, where he found
what many assessors thought was impossible. There they were - 5 songs from Pluton Svea, which the world never earlier had heard of.

Aside from those 5 new songs, the disc contains 17 of the best songs from Pluton Svea, which are earlier released, most of them remastered. A must for every nationalist!


For those of you who don´t know Pluton Svea, its one of Sweden's biggest WP-bands all times. The lead singer Jocke Karlsson has also released Pitbullfarm, Here we go again (solo) and is also been the chorus for artists and bands like Saga & Frostfödd.


1. Dömda att dö

2. Över gravar, framåt!

3. Nothing but a whore (T.N)

4. Alonzo (Pluton Svea version)

5. These boots (are made for killing)

6. Segermarschen

7. R. Hess

8. Revolution starta

9. Vatten utav vin

10. As the bullets start to fly

11. Vi står troget kvar

12. Segregation

13. Frihet och rätt

14. Dagen kommer

15. Drömmen om frihet

16. Svensk seger

17. One day in Europe

18. One way (to Valhalla)

19. Den nya ordningen

20. Solen går upp

21. Du gamla, du sjuka

22. En för alla - alla för en



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