Skrewdriver - Boots And Braces Vinyl (copy)

Back on regular LP for the first time since 1987. The official Skrewdriver "Boots And Braces" re-release on the Original Rock-O-Rama label! No pirate pressing, no "private edition" and no "imported fan edition" of dubious scene crooks at brothel prices!

The disc contains a total of eight songs from the Skrewdriver band's oeuvre. Then as now, it was by no means a regular LP, but a compilation of songs from singles and samplers from the period between 1977 and 1987. Two songs had to be removed from the present disc compared to the original, which were relevant for indexing on other Skrewdriver sound carriers. "I don't like you" and "Boots & Braces" were dropped, "Shove the dove" and "Smash the IRA" were added.

Strictly limited to 499 copies, hand-numbered, digitally remastered (vinyl mastering), only available on pink 12-inch vinyl. 8 songs with almost 21 minutes playing time.

Rock-O-Rama Records

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