New glory - Backlash LP

The 1988 debut album of the American Oi! band from Philadelphia. The combo is described by some as the best American Oi! band of the 80s. After the dissolution of "The Uprise" Matt Andrews and Rob Daly founded NEW GLORY together with their good friends Fran Sherlock (vocals) and Todd Forkin (guitar). Unfortunately the band only existed for two years and "Backlash" was their only release.

Musically and lyrically NEW GLORY are comparable to bands like Arresting Officers or Stars & Stripes. Best song on the album is "Sarge" about a war veteran who now lives on the street as a homeless person "A medal for his honor but no food for him to eat".

10 songs with almost 30 minutes playing time. Strictly limited to 499 units, hand-numbered, digitally remastered (vinyl mastering), only available in black 12 inch vinyl.

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