Vengeance - Fight for your Life, LP

Vengeance was a RAC band, an anti-communist Oi/punk band from Norwich, founded in 1985. With Daz on vocals, Tim on guitar, Rach on bass and Tom on drums, the band expressed their political views in raw sounds. Before their debut LP "Forward into War" in 1988, two demo tapes with different line-ups were released in 1986 and 1987.

In 1987, Tim and Rach left the band, and Vernon and Andy took over bass and guitar. Shortly afterwards, Daz also left the group, and Vernon took over both vocals and bass. While Andy now works as a police officer and Vernon unfortunately died from an incorrectly dosed medication, Tom is the last remaining member.

Tom gives interviews every now and then and describes his experiences at the time when Vengeance stirred up the RAC scene with their music and message. A journey through history a band that left its mark. The three British musicians created their own unmistakable style, which is still unrivalled today and which, if you like, can easily be described as Oi!Core.

Side A of the disc contains the two street rock'n'roll singles SRR 003 and SRR 004 with alternative versions of the songs "Fight for your Life", "Working Class Hero", "I don't wanna know" and "Vengeance", and the sampler track "Pride and Pain" is also included. The B-side contains the album recordings "Fight for your Life", "Working Class Hero" and "I don't wanna know" for direct comparison.

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