No Surrender Vol. 1, Edition 2022 LP

Dear friends of bald folklore: there he is again! Long time no see, but still recognised. With so many empty phrases, the content has to be right. And it does! The legendary "No Surrender Vol. 1" sampler is back! Here, no prisoners are taken, but provocatively doled out until do-gooders get poisoned in the heat of the moment and perish verbally, gasping, in the local contact point of the "anti-rights commissioner". That's where the joy comes in! Makes you want to go another round, and another, and another. Wonderful! The command is: On the turntable with the good stuff, but Achtung, Blitzkrieg!

With us are: Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, Public Enemy, Sudden Impact, Last Orders, Buzzard Bait, Indecent Exposure, Vengeance, Above the Ruins and Final Sound.

Strictly limited to 499 units, hand-numbered, digitally remastered (vinyl mastering), available exclusively in black 12 inch vinyl. A total of 14 songs with just under 43 minutes playing time. Due to criminal relevance, some songs were replaced by lyrically harmless pieces, either by the same bands or genre peers from the period in question.

Rock-O-Rama Records

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