Ultima Thule - Early years

This record is just what the title says; these tracks are from Ultima Thule's early years. The years before all of their songs were topping all the commercial tracks-lists. On this album the original singer Bruno Hansen does the vocals which give this album it's own sound. A perfect introduction on how wikingrock first sound in the very beginning. One can find allot of old goodies that are easily forgotten among their better-known songs.

1. Psychokiller
2. Politicians
3. Misunderstanding
4. Friday evening
5. Vikings
6. Du gamla du fria
7. Memories
8. Stängda dörrar
9. Hurra för nordens länder
10. Sverige, Sverige fosterland
11. Engelbrektsmarschen
12. World war III
13. Barn av vår tid
14. Ungdomstak
15. Mitt kära hem
16. Havets vargar
17. Tonight
18. Pro Patria

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