Nordland 8

A new Nordland release wasn’t yesterday, but Midgård has finally the pleasure to announce the volume 8 of Nordland, which began in the 80s.

Through the years has the Nordland series had a lot of debut bands, which has been helped by more well-known bands to find its own listeners, and its fair to say that Nordland work by the phrase “One for all – All for one”.

So, what to expect from volume 8? We have mixed the genres quite a bit. Ursinne starts with two really good covers, and one version of Mistreat´s Side by side with new lyrics. Then we have Nordic Storm delivers some really dark and well-done tracks. Next up is One Million Lies (a We want war band) which gives us 3 tracks, as good as the ones from their album as we released previously this year.

Next up are two new bands: Melior Ante and Bull’Neck. Melior Ante plays a classic dirty RAC and Bull’Neck plays a country inspirated style with Johnny Rebel influences. G.U.D is a YouTube star, which we had the honour to use one song from.

Pluton Svea finish the release with two songs. The titles might be familiar for you? They were released in Code 291´s first album, but they were actually Pluton Svea songs at first. We think they fit perfectly as an end of Nordland 8.

1. Ursinne - Side by side (Mistreat)

2. Ursinne - I stand (Ken McLellan)

3. Ursinne - Freedom (Landser)

4. Nordic Storm - Goliath

5. Nordic Storm - Hang 'em high

6. Nordic Storm - Vengeance

7. One Million Lies - Minority

8. One Million Lies - Scream

9. One Million Lies - State full of Traitors

10. Melior Ante - Krossa er

11. Melior Ante - Kommer aldrig svika

12. Melior Ante - Kamp

13. G.U.D. - En del av er

14. Bull’neck - Skinhead by trade

15. Bull’neck - I still sing the old songs

16. Pluton Svea - Sten för sten

17. Pluton Svea - Staying true

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