Mistreat - Legal matters

Ladies and gentleman! The year was 2000 and Mistreat entered the studio to record an album containing hits from previous releases and a bunch of covers, all re-recorded and adjusted to the German laws. The album was later released, but Mistreat were surprised, because the title of the album had changed to “Best of”, and one song was missing.

We have now corrected the previous faults; given the album its correct title, adding the missing song, and upgraded the release with a new layout, and, as it should be, adding all the lyrics in the booklet.

If you never heard this previous album and like Mistreat, you are going to enjoy these different versions of the songs, such as Troubles and Man with a badge, because they totally rock! And of course, all collectors out there need this!

 And, to be honest, everybody loves Mistreat

1. What you gonna do

2. Wake up

3. Born survivor

4. Man with a badge

5. Troubles

6. Veteran

7. Backstreet

8. Wanker

9. L.A. kids

10. Junkie

11. Suburban rebel

12. Don´t fuck with me

13. Bound for glory

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