Hjernverk - Utopia

Blå Brigader is back with a new band! And what a return!

Terra Incognita (Blå Brigader´s last album) was a really good album, which sold very widely, and Utopia is a great follow up on this one.

Musically, it´s modern rock, with a bit of influences, like Ska.

This album is recommended by us!

1. Fata morgana

2. Utopia

3. Hjernverk

4. Gränder

5. Min skugga

6. Bricks & Stones

7. Lär mig

8. Hatets sång

9. Septemberluft

10. Land of ruins

11. Aldrig tillbaka

12. Dr. Alkohol

13. Döda själars armé

14. Vi går ut

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