Blackout - The way it´s got to be

In 2007 Blackout entered the world with the album "Spirit of the Warrior", and 2011 they got famous all over the world with the fantastic album "For the blood of our land", and now their third album "The way it´s got to be" is here!

For those of you that did not hear Blackout, they play a modern rock, catchy enough to be played in the radio stations if we were not disallowed - but without forgetting about the heritage.

This release still got the good old British RAC in the back, but with many different twists. You will hear some tracks in the genre of good old fashion Rock´n´roll, and some darker tracks in the metal genre. It is really interesting, yet not strange, and it´s really fun to see Brad, and his band, and how they develop.

If you like this album do not miss Blackouts previous albums, nor Brads solo album "Brad - Fighting spirit".

1. Let me tell you about freedom

2. Skinhead way of life

3. I will rise

4. War song

5. Currency of control

6. The way it´s got to be

7. Order from chaos

8. The returning soldier

9. Servile generation

10. One by one

11. 28 all hail

12. The ballad of Kriss Donald

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