Skinstorm - Inquisicion

This new band from Madrid lets it rip on their first CD. 9 tracks + a cover version are offered and the band proves that skin rock can still really rip. Good handmade music, "old school" in a positive sense, with a lot of melody and even if all the songs are performed in the mother tongue, you always have the desire to sing along at the top of your lungs. Varied, sometimes happy and sometimes a little harder, that's what makes it so It's just fun and invites you to just let it run in a loop. The presentation, 10 pages of supplement with all the lyrics, fits seamlessly into the musical concept and has been designed really coherently. All in all, a really well-rounded story! Comes in jewel case and is limited to 500 pieces, numbered of course!

1. Inquisicion

2. Madrid

3. Levántate

4. Po0r Espana

5. Revueltaqq nacional

6. Blas de lezo

7. Skinheads

8. Clase obrera

9. Joven problkemático

10. Mentiras

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