Mistreat & Bandeira de combate - Pro patria fiant eximia / I´m not led, I lead!

Here do we have a split-cd between two giants from completely different corners of the white world. Plans for this split was made when Mistreat visited Sau Paulo 2018 and here is the result.

First our is BDC who knows how to delivery classic raw RAC with some pretty aggressive undertones but still in a elegant way. After that comes our friends from Finland, Mistreat and they have never and will probably never make anyone disappointed. It´s just as brilliant as always. Everything comes together with a 12-page booklet which of course includes all lyrics.

Bandeira de combate

1. Bandidos Banidos

2. Forte e verdadeiro

3. Fortaleza e inspiracao

4. Invasores

5. Eu sou a lei


6. Valkeat veljeni (1918-2018)

7. Flag of combat

8. Action

9. Don´t give up, Don´t give in

10. Today´s generation

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