Thrima - Marsch der verdammnis

Last time we heard from the German band Thrima was 2011 when they came out with their second full length album "Vertonte Zeilen " which sold out quite fast.

With this album they consolidate their position as one of the best bands in the genre which is a rough mix between hardcore and metalcore.  If you are into to genre than we can promise that you will appreciate this album and if you just are curious on the genre,  would we strongly recommend to start with this album. Check out the sample and see for yourself!

1. Einklang
2. Identität
3. Schicksalsstadt
4. Denuntiare
5. Dein weg
6. Marsch der vedammnis
7. Zukunft (with Path of resistance)
8. Pro nation (with H8machine and Old firm)
9. Nachtgedanken
10. Sie stirbt
11. Tausende opfer
12. unvergessen

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