Naked But Armed - In your face!

A fucking great twist between old school Oi and classic punk! Much melodies and catchy choruses with a solid punkvoice on vocals. This will surley be liked by people who enyoys the earlier Skrewdriver cd´s or bands like Cock sparrer and The Ramones. Comes with a booklet that contains all lyrics and a lot of pictures on.... well you will see ;) 


01. Fascists of today
02. All for one
03. Guilty
04. In your face
05. This cunt´ry sucks!
06. Er-sie-es
07. Fuck
08. S.T.A.W.A.V.E
09. Mob action
10. Behind a green mask
11. Never again
12. Commies aren´t cool
13. It´s a fact
14. Break free
15. Degenerated generation




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