Sturmrebellen - Nation im Fadenkreuz

The lads last album which was titled “Endkampf”  was a ballad album this new one isn't =)  

We have here 10 brand new songs, which always stand out thanks to the frontman's distinctive and memorable voice. Here, as with the last CD, Wiesel was once again supported on the instruments... you could actually say that he is now an integral part of the band.

Catchy melodies, meaningful lyrics and, as already mentioned, the frontman's distinctive voice make the 10 new songs a successful RAC record. The 12-page booklet with all the texts successfully rounds off the 44 minutes of playing time.

1. Die Nächste Runde

2. WN62

3. Nation Im Fadenkreuz

4. Bei Tannenberg

5. Scheldeschlacht

6. Deutsche Soldaten

7. Unsere Legionäre

8. Simo Häyhä

9. Teufel Bleibt Teufel

10. Das Bundesschaf

Das Zeughaus

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