Spreegeschwader - Die ersten und die letzten jahre Teil 2 (Digi

Here is the second part of the Berlin Spree Squadron, which was always planned but never appeared.

This CD contains the remaining legal songs from the first ten years, as well as all sampler contributions up to 2009. There are also two unpublished legal versions of "Mich kriegt ihr nicht klein" and "Red Mob"!

What else can you write to old Spreegeschwader songs that should be well known?

Except ... everyone who does not have the old things and is a fan can confidently strike here! And everyone else should do it anyway with this part of contemporary musical history from the imperial capital!

1. S-Bahn Surfer

2. Deine Kraft

3. Nie wieder Bruderkrieg

4. I hate you

5. 50 Jahre

6. Mein Idol

7. Mich kriegst du niemals klein (neue Version)

8. Reb Mob II (neue Version)

9. Stolz

10. Verdammt

11. Sie ist Hässlich II

12. Ihr werdet fallen

13. München-Berlin-Split

14. Ostpreussen*

15. Fredericus Rex*

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