Smart Violence - For the Glory days of R.A.C

Back with a RAC-BANG! Good old skinheadrock at its best side! 16 tracks, seven in English and nine in German with a total playtime on 60 minutes and comes with 20-pages booklet which contains all lyrics and  some photos. You will for sure get "bang for the buck".  


Release year: 2016


01. Vendetta

02. White Pride

03. Das Lied Vom Leid

04. For The Glory Days Of R.A.C.

05. Wehrwolf

06. Skinhead

07. Bis In Den Tod

08. Lets Start The War

09. Die Uhr Des Lebens

10. Rocking The Reds!

11. Von Vorne Rein Verloren

12. Spirit Of Tens

13. Von Nietsche, Droogs Und Ludwig Van

14. Ost Versus West

15. Red Front Terror

16. Am Fusse Der Pyramide

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