Punikoff Vol. 2

In 2020 the review site "Punikoff hears in" celebrates its 8th anniversary. For this event there is again a nice compilation, exclusive contributions, different styles of music. For rock listeners, there is new material from Germanium, Heureka, True Aggression, Eichenlaub mit Schwertern, SMT, Uninvited Guests, Sköll Dagaz and Der Oberberger. It will be a bit quieter with Aria, Feuer Frei and Quadriga. The living room can be turned into a crazy mosh pit with The Simple Men and Leave all behind, and then shake your head to the thrashy sounds of In Tyrannos. There is capital critic rap from n'Socialist Soundsystem with their title "Burzumkassetten" and with the song "Ungeniert" Gassenraudi denounce the intolerance of hosts when the bill is not paid. From overseas, 14 Sacred Words (USA) make the Metalcore heart beat faster and there are hard sounds from Zurzir (Brazil). The whole thing comes in a sealed DigiPack with a sticker. The neon design pays homage to the 80s, the Balaclava Graphics excellently staged

1. 14 Sacred words - NS or death

2. In Tyrannos - An den iden des märz

3. True aggression - Europe awake    

4. Der Oberberger - Der dolch     

5. N´socialist soundsystem - Burzumkassetten    

6. Eichenlaub mit schwerten - Halte stand!    

7. Germanium - Der schwarze baron

8. Heureka - - Kulturkampf

9. Aria - Endlos unmodern     

10. Sköll dagaz - Heeresgruß    

11.  Ungebetene gäste - Realitätsverlust    

12.  SMT - Stolz und unbequem

13. Zurzir - Grandeza racial

14. Leave all behind - Know your enemies

15. The simple men - Lose yourself

16. Feuer frei - Weil ich Deutschland bin

17. Feuer frei - Ich könnte es tun

18. Gassenraudi - Ungéniert

19. Quadriga - Es ist so, wie es ist

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