Nordmacht & Bataillon 500 - Wir halten Gericht (DVD-Digi)

Wuuummm ... like the bursting of the heaviest caliber in the trenches of the enemy formations, this news hits and hurls the dirt of the battle right in the mendacious faces of our enemies! Northern power awakens one last time! After their singer Torsten Köhn was called to Walhalla far too early, the band insisted on carving a monument for him in primeval granite with this work of power! While the singer was still alive, these songs were being worked on and now they were sung by none other than his longtime friend and companion - the front man of Bataillon 500! This album is a must for anyone who can even remotely begin with the names Nordmacht and Bataillon 500. Once again we see them in front of us - thousands of dragon boats on the horizon, an unbreakable Germanic front! As if this musical artillery weren't enough, our armory has donated a classy digipak in DVD size for the eye! Strike, comrades, there must be no fearful hesitation here!

1. Verteidiger der heimat

2. Treueschwur

3. Halbe

4. Antikapital

5. Wir halten hericht

6. Keine fremdherrschaft

7. Rotes hesindel

8. Unrechsstaat

9. Jugend in Aufruhr

10. Deutsch bis ins Mark

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