Stahlkappenglanz - Radau aus Glatzen Anhalt

The Skins have been known from countless concert appearances for many years and they always knew how to create a great atmosphere. Stahlkappe Glanz once started out purely as a cover band, but over time they have included more and more of their own compositions in their program. After their demo tape, they finally wanted to get things done and are now presenting us with their first CD.

The men play handmade skinhead rock, without a lot of frills but with a lot of melody and power. They don't try to imitate anything, have the courage to have their own voice and don't get lost in pseudo-intellectual chatter. The lyrics are REAL and STRAIGHT as they come. In a good mood, aggressive and yet also a bit thoughtful, the 13 titles rumble out of the speakers and invite you to sing along from time to time. Even someone who has never worn boots will feel like putting them on and then really getting started. The jewel case version, with a 16 page booklet and the cover fits like a glove! Tank RAC in the best sense.

1. Radau Aus Glatzen-Anhalt

2. In Die Noi!e Zeit

3. ...Und Spaß Dabei!

4. Way Of Life

5. Auf Der Suche Nach Der Freiheit  

6. Mittendrintro

7. Vaterlandslied  

8. Dein Weg - Dein Abgrund

9. Wir Geben Niemals Auf!  

10. Niemals Wie Ihr!

11. Immer Und Ewig

12. Feierabendpolka

13. Mitgröhloutro

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