Handstreich - Endlich 18

The gentlemen from Potsdam have been with us for EIGHTEEN years now and giving up was never an option for them. Powerful melodic guitar rock, an original voice and lyrics from real life, that's what Handstreich has been since their early days. The band has always gone their own way without chasing any musical fads. They just stayed true to themselves. But they never stood still and the result of their continuous development reflects "Endlich 18" perfectly. In addition to the clear edges, there are also a few emotional moments, which skilfully loosen everything up and contribute to a refreshing range By the way, the band invited half a dozen guests, who also raised their voices in several songs.

1. Endlich 18

2. Staatsfeind Nummer Eins (feat. PhalanX)

3. Schon Geimpft? (feat. Valhöll)

4. Freiheit

5. Weil Du Nur Einmal Lebst (feat. Lifa)

6. Was Sie Meinen

7. Seine Kranke Welt

8. Identität (feat. Candy Division)

9. Ungeschminkt

10. Hey Hey (feat. Sachsonia, Uwocaust)

11. Ausklang / Für Elise (Instrumental)

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