Landser - Tanzorchester immervoll


is without a doubt the most talked about rock for freedom band in the world. Not only because of the fact that they spent long times in prison for their music, but also because they are really freaking good! A more simple and straight music are hard to find and despite the fact that the German is a bit hard to understand you still get that this is a pain in the arse that can only be silenced by imprisoning or prohibition...

This is a cocktail of their legal songs. If you haven´t heard them before this is a great introduction. Unfortunately we can´t help you to get the best songs, but he whom search will find... Until then, this is plenty!


01. Das neue lied
02. Klansong
03. Ian
04. Allein machen sie Dich ein
05. Rudolf Hess
06. Rebell
07. Fridericus Rez
08. Müller, Meyer, Icke
09. Mitten in Europa
10. Lenker der Schlachten
11. Tanzorchester immervoll
12. Nordland
13. Ostpreussen
14. Wenns zum Regenbogen geht


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