Landser - Rock Gegen ...

Another record with legal songs from one of the most well known and talked about rock for freedom bands in the world(that have lost their freedom because of their music!). Not as good as Tanzorchester immervol since the quality is a bit un even on this record, but of course a must have for the collector.


1. Ostreussen
2. Wenns zum Regenbogen geht
3. Horst
4. Popperschwein
5. Das Schwarze Scharf
6. Durst
7. Entweder oder Keine
8. Gerettst
9. Das Hohe Jier
10. Wenn Ich Durch die Strassen geh
11. Nordland
12. Anne
13. Lollypop
14. Prollpower
15. Nordland (instrumental)
16. Vergeltung


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