Hope For The Weak - Honour Bound

10 years after the debut, which caused a lot of enthusiasm at the time, Hope For The Weak is back impressively. There was a change in vocals, instead of looking for a singer again, one of the guitarists took over this position. This left the 4 founding members and put all their heart and soul into this work. So now we come to the core of the whole thing, this album is from the first to the last note a firework of melody, joy in playing, hardness and feeling with lyrics that deal with family, cohesion and the struggle for our kind, so they should be from everyone's heart speak. Sometimes it's more rock, sometimes more hardcore, sometimes more punk, but always with a lot of choir and the necessary recognition value + sing-along factor. It has become 11 songs + a little surprise. The 16-page booklet rounds off a highlight of the year perfectly for us ... strike and hope that the boys won't need another 10 years !!!

1. Still alive

2. Honour bound

3. Leaders of conspiracy


5. Eyes of a traitor

6. Old glory

7. Eine familie

8. Scream about injustice

9. Heart beat

10. Keep on fighting

11. Back into the battlefields

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