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"We are proud to present the new album of Squadron's English rockers! The band that has been making the stages of this world unsafe since 1985 and that every RACer on the planet should know, even if not a small part of today's listeners / buyers were probably not even born then ... ;-) late 90s / At the beginning of the 2000s it was quiet around the band, although some members continued to be musically active. In 2015 it itched again and after a new singer was found with Gav, it started again in old cast - Squadron were back! The first performances at home and abroad were mastered and the reactions were mostly good, but you could clearly see a steady increase. With the 10 new songs it proves impressively that the decision to breathe new life into this band was definitely the right one! Musically, you have stayed with his mix of metal and hard RAC and lyrically one heard in my opinion anyway always the best, what the island has always had to offer (te). The sound is great, the vocals are convincing and musically you just tell the gentlemen that they are full blooded musicians. It took a lot of time in the studio and spared no expense or effort to be satisfied with the final product. On top there is a fat booklet with all the texts and decent graphics. Not only for the older semester a tip! Great CD!" - quote label

1. The flame still burns
2. Indoctrination
3. Defend Europe
4. The truth is out there
5. Living in a Ghetto
6. The root of alla evil
7. Sacred bloodlines
8. Savages
9. Allfather Hail!
10. Do right and fear no-one

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