Max Resist - Aces and Eights

The Best of Max Resist. Self-released by the band, it features Max Resist favourites, spanning the band’s complete output, from “Renegade youth” to “Klymax”, all digitally re-mastered and includes a new bonus track recorded in 2009. Especially the oldest songs have an old Oi! and punk influence, showing where singer Shawn’s origins lie, and the later songs steer more towards RAC rock.


01. Traitors beware

02. Romantic violence

03. Max Resist

04. Cut-n-Loose

05. RJM

06. Boot party

07. Renegade youth

08. W.P. Rock n' Roll

09. Anger and hatred

10. Maximum resistance

11. White man

12. Last days

13. Ghost

15. Keep fighting

16. Masters of the media

17. My goodness, my guinness

18. Fight night

19. I hope your baby's white

20. My heart for Deutschland

21. Donna maniac (unreleased)




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