Bound for glory - Death and defiance

Finally have the album that have been on everybody's lips for a long time arrived! The Minnesota Vikings do what they are best on and that is to create some good fu*king music!


This will surely be a new milestone in the rock for freedom genre that carries the proud name of the Bound for glory! You can and you should expect some really good music from this veteran (legendary) band.....  


Very well played and well written lyrics, just the tracks "Stockholm is burning" and "Valkyrie" makes the CD worth its price! 


01. Stockholm burning

02. Valkyrie

03. Old sarge

04. Verdun

05. Sea wolf

06. Brick by brick

07. Once we were

08. 1956

09. Green devils

10. Carpathian thunder

11. The darkening

12. Katyn




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