Wolfskommando - Konsumfresser Digi

After a break of almost 2 years, Dennis K. is back with Wolfskommando!

The second prank is called “Konsumfresser” this time, which gives you an idea of ​​the lyrical direction of this album.  It's pretty much aimed at the wasteful, ignorant consumer who only ever thinks of himself. Partly with profound shallow messages and partly he hits your ears with a verbal sledgehammer. Dennis remains true to his musical line, hard played rock with  metal & synthesizer influences, plus his unmistakable voice, with which Dennis covers all vocal techniques, which makes the album very varied! Definitely a very personal work and certainly also a kind of reappraisal or rather a reckoning with certain people who have crossed his path in life! There is also a beautifully designed digipak with an 8-page booklet containing notes on the individual songs.

Clear purchase recommendation!

1. Du allein

2. Klanglos

3. Fressen

4. Steig ab

5. Rettungsboot

6. Du Fehlst

7. Sage nichts

8. Allein gelassen

9. Weil ich es nicht ertrage

10. Scheinheilige Tränen

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