Scharmützel - Bring back the 80's Digi

The new album by the guys from Hohenlohe finally sees the light of day and hits like a bomb!

Powerful percussion meets rhythmically sawing guitar riffs, which find a perfect setting through memorable bass lines and Roger's varied vocals. The songs get really pissed off. Sometimes melodically playful, but always with the necessary seriousness for the respective statement.

These guys still know how to play skinhead rock and bring it across to the here and now! We are pleased that the guys are showing with this publication what is important to you and where they belong!

There are 15 songs on this disc, well mixed in German and English. This will be fun live, I tell you ...

01. Bring back the 80's!

02. A.C.A.B.

03. For the love of Oi!

04. Bist du nicht

05. All we need is hate

06. Trendy Wankers

07. Stolz

08. Always on the wrong side

09. Gangs who feed on fear

10. Die guten Jungs

11. S.F.F.S.

12. No regrets

13. Lebenslänglich

14. Fight the System

15. Get what you give

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