Path of Resistance - Never give in Digi

“Yes man! There they are again, the veterans of the German NSHC! After the mini CD two years ago, Path of Resistance are now hitting us with their latest full album, "Never give in", so that our skin is cracking! There were a few changes within the band and the new line-up (with which the mini CD was also recorded) hits us here in the best POR quality like a fresh wind around our ears. The anger of the troops and the puking and spitting of the well-known POR tube result in a symbiosis that puts everything that has gone before in the shade. As if that wasn't enough, various guest singers from bands like H8Machine, Green Arrows, Painful Awakening, Lass Lebenor Weg des Erwachens were brought into the dragon boat and catapulted themselves back into the top HC league with them. The new killer comes with 10 songs in the guise of a digipak and is just waiting to make the membranes of your speaker’s tremble. POR will change your heartbeat, play it loud! “

– Quote label

1. Follow the path

2. P.T.B.W

3. Burn ing desire

4. Pyramid

5. The world burns down

6. Your fault - is to remain silent

7. Dark storm rising

8. Master of the life

9. We are the voice

10. Lionheart

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