N.O.B - Hier kommt die Antwort

Is N.O.B. a new independent band or "just" a new project? Time will tell. One thing föor sure is that the guys behind this band have their roots in Notwehr and Oberberger.

Musically, the Oberberger guys is responsible, who is known to conjure up modern rock music, vocally both singers come into their own and offer a very nice rounded mixture. The music is very much in tune with the singing of Stefan (Notwehr ) and seems really perfectly tuned. The numerous hours in the rehearsal room paid off noticeably. I really like this disc, especially because the lyrics are really innovative. I am more than satisfied with the production and it has to be heard more than once to have an effect. She has a very special charm and everyone should give her a chance.

01. N.O.B.

02. Feindbild

03. VDAN (Vergesst die Alten nicht)

04. Bis die Maske fällt

05. Die Hauptrollen

06. Die letzten an der Bar

07. Wir sind die Antwort

08. Wir zusammen

09. Ich will nicht verändern

10. Krauts

11. Outro

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