Eversor - Miriquidi - Front der Treuen Digi

Ever… who?? You probably won't ask yourself this question again after listening to it for the first time. The band's music is in the realm of modern RAC, refined with a number of metal and dark rock elements. Overall, the songs are convincing thanks to their well-used heaviness and their wide-ranging melodiousness. It becomes clear very quickly that there are no beginners at work here and the diverse band experience really benefits the whole thing. The clean and fat sound gives this mini CD a good dose of power. The different singers and their different singing styles add even more variety to the 5 tracks, all of which are sung in German. Released as a digipak, limited to 500 units and I think it's an absolutely successful first sign of life for this band - more of it please!

1. Miriquidi - Front der Treuen

2. Das heil liegt im glück

3. Der sieg ist nicht mehr weit

4. Schattenmacht

5. Glut der freiheit

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