London breed - No regrets

"Oops they did it again" - and that's a good thing! Okay, enough phrases. Lemmy and Brad were back in the studio and the result was album number 3! After the split with the Ovaltinees was sold out in record time (thanks again for the solidarity!), they went straight to work on the new album and the result was 9 new songs (plus an "own" cover) in the typically loose and fluffy LB style ! In addition to the usual good mix of politics and subculture, they also sing about the "Chaos in the Sun" festival, because they now know how to impress as a fully-fledged live band and last year's performance there apparently left a lasting impression! Packed, as always, in a fat, glossy booklet with all the texts. And sure, you don't reinvent the wheel - but let's be honest - should you? Fits, wobbles and rocks!

Check out a sample here

1. No regrets

2. Don´t come crying to me

3. Farwell my old friend

4. Told ya so

5. Switchblade psycho

6. Skinheads live forever

7. In your blue eyes

8. Jimmy savile

9. You're never alone

10. Chaos in the sun

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