Johnny Zahngold - 14 foichte Toifel

The time has come: New songs from the horror of Playa - the pop singer of the heart with a beer wampe, fishing hat and canned beer. This time the Ludwigshafen Faschoschlager Proll has taken on the old hit songs of your CD collections and given them a makeover in the Johnny Zahngold style. No boring re-enactments or re-singing, but actually independent versions of the hits from back then: electric guitars from Noinzig meet synthesizers from the twenties. Lyrically, of course, even more vegan, feminist and greener than the originals hahaha. The right-wing radical Trinktoifel had a lot of schnapps and beer when he rode through the icy north wind on his Sleipnir and remembered the wonderful years when he could still drink with beer, wine, women and singing at a young age until the final stage gave up the ghost. The bullies of yore are older today, but smarter and still drink at the inn on the beach or party in Valhall. Closing hours (not only on New Year's Eve or Father's Day) still lead to self-defense! To ask?! This party full of death songs lasts almost 50 minutes and is refined by guest contributions from category C, the Wiesel project Heureka and the lone fighter. The disc comes with perfectly drawn artwork and lots of horny women (as one is used to with the Zahni-Zoich) and is available as a jewel case version with a 16-page booklet. The perfect Christmas present for everyone who doesn't go down to the cellar laughing and who wants to celebrate the old classics in a really noiem guise. Or to put it down to earth: music to drink! In this sense: knob to the right and spritzer Olé!

Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede

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