Nazi rockstar av Paul London 1st edition (soft cover)

We found as small box with first edition of this book. Enjoy!


Ian Stuart was a punk rocker that became an icon for a white minority that had been disenfranchised by an establishment bending over backwards to impose multi-culturalism.


Here is a story of personal sacrifice, rock and roll fame and adulation, of revolutionary politics and of street fights and prison. Never in the history of modern day music has one lived through his songs in such a way.


Paul London has recorded the life of Ian Stuart in a book 'Nazi Rock Star' - a story like no other. From his early days in Blackpool putting together his first band 'Tumbling dice' through to the emergence of Skrewdriver and on to his untimely death aged just 36 - Paul London has captured the very essence of his life and times.


If you have never heard of him, if you hate him and all he stood for, if you love him like a brother for all his acts of courage and defiance, if you want to read the true story about a street-level rock'n'roll icon - YOU NEED THIS BOOK!


ISBN: 978-91-982909-0-5

Pages: 168

Size: 21x18cm



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