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          Ringhorne AB
          Box 8, 44121 Alingsås, Sweden
          Company code: 556870-8803
          VAT Code: SE556870880301
          Phone: +46723278901

Midgård is Sweden’s oldest store, and we are the biggest one in Scandinavia.

Our business idea is simply to sell products that are interesting for radical people.

In 2012 Per-Anders “Pajen” Johansson sold the business to Martin and Tobbe, and Midgård is now driven voluntarily.

Midgård is politically unbound and we are glad to help people and organizations that fight for the white cause.


The store

Midgård started as a shop back in '94. Our main idea was to give young Swedes an alternative to what the big record-shops had to offer them. With the huge difference that we wanted to offer our customers music from bands and artists which were, just like us - proud patriots who had a deep pride for their country, culture and history. A pride which is totally in contrast to the big record-shops which were full of records from bands that promoted drugs, decadence and hatred for everything pure and healthy.

The answer came direct: our shop was smashed a few nights after we opened. Not a single person was arrested or even investigated for doing it. Maybe not the best start. But when looking back, we realize that we came out of it stronger than before. We moved to a more secure place and we have been open for 6 straight years. 5 days a week, just as any normal shop. The nightly attacks against us – both from so-called patriots and reds – was numerous, the demonstrations as well. The media screamed about us. Sometimes it was even funny. One day we read that the shop was going to be closed for sure before December was over. All we could do was smile over the free advertisements that attracted new people who otherwise never would have even heard about us.

What finally forced us to close the shop down was the fact that our lease expired after 6 years and the owner of the building, for reasons quite understandable, did not want to renew.

Mailorder and record label

1998 see us start our mail-order service so people around the world could buy their stuff from us. We wanted to offer the same or an even superior service that the mainstream mail-order companies could. No customers of us should need to accept anything else then top-notch service, just ‘cause they were patriots.

The same year we also started Midgård Records and started to release our own records. We wanted to raise the standard of the freedom-rock. We wanted to reach more and new people with the music. We wanted to try out new genres of music, styles that never before existed in patriotic music. The records should have a large budget and a nice professional production. The response came fast and hard; this was exactly what the scene had waited for!!

Takeover and Limited company

After lengthy discussions the newly founded limited company, Midgård Records AB 2012 bought all of the belongings of Midgårds kläder och smycken from Per-Anders Johansson, which included all of the products in the warehouse, disc rights etc.

The reason Per-Anders wanted to sell Midgård was because of reduced sales, mainly attributed to illegal downloading of the music.

Martin and Tobbe, the new owners, nowadays work tirelessly so that the Swedish scene, and Midgård, will never disappear, but will in fact grow from strength to strength.


The years havemoved on and many fortune hunters have tried to copy our concept and our ideas. Many have come and many have gone. Midgård have stood the test of time. We run a totally legal business in which we always keep our self on the right side of the law in the ‘democratic’ Sweden that we live in. This may be a surprise to all the, “we-know-better-then-you-people”. But all the of the many and long investigations against our products, and us, proves this beyond doubt. Our products always breathe more pride & love then hate & anger. But don’t be mistaken; they are more or less always strongly critical of today’s society and the regimes that rule it. Critical, as well as positive, to radical changes.

We deliver products to nationalists all around the world, and we are one of the biggest names in our niche.

As always Midgård puts the customer first, and we hope it doesn’t have a negative influence that we nowadays don’t have so much time, since Midgård is run on a voluntary basis.

The future

We have a large vision for the future, but only time can tell what is possible.

Midgård works hard to record new albums, to modernize Midgårds catalogue. But this is something that requires lots of time and mainly lots of money, so it’s not all done in a jiffy.

We hope we can employ someone in the future, and maybe once again open a store, but how far we will get is up to us, and of course to you – our valued customers!

Midgård is the messenger of visions and dreams. But don’t forget that it’s a dark reality out there. A reality that you can help us change.